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What is ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique identifier for books, intended to facilitate the accurate and efficient identification and distribution of books. ISBN is made of 13-digit numbers. It starts from 978 or 979. ISBN used to be a 10-digit number before 2007.

How is ISBN Important in Book Publishing?

ISBN is an integral part of publishing a book, especially a print book. ISBN helps streamline your book publishing and get maximum distribution. You can self-publish an ebook without an ISBN, but we recommend having an ISBN for ebook too if you are publishing wide (on multiple platforms). On the other hand, you can’t publish a print book without an ISBN.

If you publish your book through a traditional publisher, then they will assign an ISBN for your book from their side. But when it comes to self-publishing a book. You have two choices as an author, you can use an ISBN provided by a self-publishing platform, or you can buy your own ISBN.

If you use a free ISBN provided by a self-publishing platform, such as Amazon KDP, then that comes with its limitation. For example, if you publish a book through Amazon KDP using their free ISBN, then you won’t be able to distribute your book using other book distribution services. Your book get locked in. There is Amazon KDP Extended distribution services that can get your book distributed beyond Amazon. But the Amazon KDP Extended book distribution network is small. Still, if you want control over your book distribution, then purchasing your ISBN is important.

How to obtain an ISBN?

You can obtain ISBN in your country, depending on your citizenship. Some countries offer ISBN for free to their citizens, but that also comes with its own limitation. Such as in India, you can obtain ISBN for free from government website. But, as a self publisher, you will have to provide them your ID card, and you will have to use your own personal name as imprint name. Not only that, you will have to publish your book in India or from India.

In countries such as the USA and UK, it costs money for an ISBN. The cost for ISBN in the USA is $125 for 1 ISBN, but if you purchase more at once then the cost will be lowered. As a self publisher, you might have a low budget. In this case, you can purchase ISBN from us. We are a registered book publisher in the US, and we will offer you a US-based ISBN for just $39.

If you are not a US citizen, then you won’t be able to purchase an ISBN from the US. We can help you assign a US-based ISBN from our book publishing imprint name. Our ISBNs are obtained from a US-based ISBN agency.

Why purchase a US-based ISBN?

The USA is the largest economy in the world, it has the largest book publishers and booksellers. By using a US-based ISBN, your book will get listed in US-based ISBN agency database and their largest distribution network, Bowker Bookwire. This means your book will get more recognition and chance of getting more book sales. Furthermore, the US ISBN agency allows you to publish and market your book anywhere in the world, unlike the ISBN agency in India.

How can Our ISBN Services Help you?

We offer comprehensive ISBN services to independent authors, including book publishing and marketing services. Our goal at Bookllo Publishing is to help authors self-publishing their book like a professional while keeping 100% ownership and royalties of their book. All this at an affordable service cost. Below are reasons why you should purchase ISBNs from us:

1. Easy and Instant

You can get ISBN instantly from us. After purchase, You will have to provide us your book information such as book title, author name, cover design and description. We will use your book metadata to register (assign) the ISBN. Once your ISBN registration is complete, it will take up to 24 hours to get your book listed in the ISBN database. Thereafter, You can find your book listed on

2. Cost Less

The official ISBN agency in the USA costs $125 for one ISBN, but you can obtain the US-based ISBN from us for $39.

3. Use Our Imprint

If you obtain an ISBN from an official ISBN agency in your country. You may be required to register an imprint name. Some countries will even ask you to register a company and have a GST ID to obtain an ISBN under your imprint name. You can skip all this trouble and use our imprint name with your book publishing without giving ownership of your book. You will own 100% ownership and copyright of your book.

4. No limitation on distribution

Unlike the free ISBN obtained from Amazon KDP, that prevents authors from using their ISBN to sell or distribute books outside of Amazon. You will face no limitation by using our imprint name and ISBN.

5. Support

You will get support with your book publishing journey and use of ISBN whenever you need.

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