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Have you written a book? Congratulations! Now it’s time to get your masterpiece distributed so readers everywhere can enjoy it.

But where do you even start? We’ll break it all down into simple steps so you can get your book into the hands of eager readers.

What is Book Distribution?

Book distribution refers to making your book available for purchase through various sales channels. This includes:

  • Online retailers like Amazon
  • Physical bookstores
  • Libraries
  • Specialty or independent bookstores
  • Your website or store

The wider your distribution, the more visibility and sales opportunities for your book.

Our book distribution service helps you get your book into these key channels. We want to make you a bestselling sensation!

Why Book Distribution Matters

You’ve invested so much into your book – countless hours writing, editing, formatting. Now it’s time to get it in front of readers.

Without proper distribution, no one will be able to buy your book. It will simply collect virtual dust on your computer hard drive. What a travesty!

With our assistance, your book can reach a wide audience and have a real impact. We’ll get you set up with all the major retailers so you can start selling right away.

Book distribution gets your work into the hands of the people who need to read it. This leads to:

  • More sales
  • Greater reach and impact
  • Opportunities for speaking engagements or workshops
  • Building your author brand and platform

Don’t keep your book hidden away. Let us help share your message with the world!

How Print-on-Demand Works

Many new authors publish their books via print-on-demand (POD). This means:

· You don’t have to pay for a large print run upfront.

· Books are only printed when someone places an order.

· This reduces risk and saves you money.

With POD, you can make your book available without carrying inventory or upfront printing costs. Books are printed one at a time, on-demand, and shipped to the customer.

This makes self-publishing and wider distribution much more accessible for indie authors. Our book distribution service utilizes POD to get your work onto retailer sites.

Benefits of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing has opened a world of opportunity for authors to share their work. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You maintain full creative control.
  • You set your own publication timeline.
  • You keep all royalties and rights.
  • Global distribution is possible.
  • It can lead to a traditional publishing deal.

Self-publishing allows you to get your book to the market quickly. And with quality distribution, you can build an audience and launch your author career.

We want to help you take advantage of self-publishing and get your book into as many sales channels as possible. The possibilities are endless!

Maximizing Book Distribution

To maximize exposure for your book, distribution through major online retailers and physical bookstores is key. This usually involves:

Selling through Online Retailers

  • Amazon – The world’s largest bookseller. Essential for wide reach.
  • Barnes & Noble – Major bookstore with large online platform.
  • Apple Books – Preloaded on every iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Kobo – Popular ebook retailer with global distribution.

We’ll get your print book and ebook distributed to these essential online retailers.

Getting Into Physical Bookstores

  • Barnes & Noble – In 700+ locations across the US.
  • Independent bookstores – Build local connections.
  • Libraries – Great for discoverability and brand awareness.
  • Specialty retailers – Tap into niche markets.

Our distribution service will help you get your print book onto physical shelves so readers can discover you in person.

Utilizing Your Own Sales Channels

  • Your website – Sell directly to your audience.
  • Speaking events or conferences – Perfect place to sell in person.
  • Social media – Drive people to purchase online.
  • Email list – Marketing to existing followers.

We’ll provide guidance to help you leverage your own sales channels in addition to wider distribution. Every sale matters!

The Importance of ISBNs

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) acts like a product barcode for your book. It identifies your specific title across every format (print, ebook, audio, etc).

ISBNs are crucial for wide book distribution:

  • Retailers require them to list and track your book in their systems.
  • It distinguishes your book from other titles.
  • Allows accurate sales reporting and royalty payments.

We’ll provide you with personalized ISBNs for each version of your book. This enables seamless distribution across all major retail platforms.

Proper ISBNs get your book into retailer catalogs and sales systems. A key component for distribution success!

How We Can Help With Distribution

We offer customized book distribution solutions for independent authors. Our full-service offerings include:

All Major Retailer Distribution

We’ll get your print book and ebook distributed across Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo and more. This includes:

  • Creating retailer-ready book files.
  • Securing high-quality ISBNs.
  • Optimizing metadata and listings.
  • Managing ongoing channel relationships.

Physical Bookstore Outreach

In addition to major chains like Barnes & Noble, we’ll help you connect with independent bookstores and niche retailers. This personal outreach can secure shelf space in local shops.

Guidance for Your Own Sales

While wide distribution is key, you can also sell directly to your audience. We’ll consult on optimizing your website, speaking events, email marketing and social media sales funnels.

Ongoing Distribution Management

Distribution requires ongoing monitoring and channel relationship management. We’ll handle behind-the-scenes maintenance so your book remains available for sale long-term.

Get started with a free assessment to map out your ideal distribution plan!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does book distribution cost?

Our distribution plans start at just a few hundred dollars. Cost varies based on number of channels, print run size, and any additional services needed. Let’s chat about your specific goals and budget.

How long does distribution take?

Each retailer has different review timelines. But typically your book can be live within 1-2 months if all requirements are met. Rapid distribution options are also available for an additional fee.

Can I distribute my book myself?

You can apply to retailers individually, but this takes lots of time and coordination. Our relationships and experience simplifies and speeds up the process. DIY distribution is complex – we recommend our services for best results.

How can I track sales?

Retailers provide sales reports that we’ll share with you. You’ll have real-time visibility into your print book and ebook sales across all channels.

Who controls the rights to my book?

You maintain full copyright and ownership. Distribution does not involve transferring any rights or royalties.

Get Started Distributing Your Book Today

Are you ready to turn your book into a bestseller? With Wizz Publishing’s distribution services, we’ll help you:

· Get your book into all major online and physical retailers

· Make sales directly with your audience

· Manage your book’s distribution and channel relationships over the long-term

Now is the time to share your story with the world. Let us handle the distribution details so you can focus on connecting with readers.

Schedule a call to discuss your distribution goals and get started on the path to success!

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