Dear GOD - Thank You For Everything: Colouring Book

Dear GOD – Thank You For Everything: Colouring Book


“Dear GOD Thank You For Everything” is a loving and prayerful colouring book for all ages. It is a simple yet powerful reminder of the love that we all are gifted with and that we all carry within.

This is a book born out of love for the beloved, the divine, God, Goddess, Universal Intelligence, higher self, energy, or whatever name you call it. They all mean the same “Love”. It is a beckoning of that which is already sitting deep within our own hearts and beings.
There are times when we take god’s gifts, people, resources, love and other simple & big things that we are bestowed with for granted, times when we forget of our own core and pure loving essence self & even times when we get drowned or carried away totally by life’s cosmic kicks or adverse situations.
This book comes with tender art from the heart, small reminder messages and little love notes more as thank you to the beloved, the ultimate creator or god. It inspires unrushed connection time to reawaken love and its creative expressions from the depths of ones own being. It is an invoking to the process of co-creation & growth.

We are all here to grow and are born out of love and that’s the energy being called forth through the pages of this book, allow yourself to surrender and let the divine flow through you and into all aspects of your life too. May your art heal your own heart and touch the lives of all those in need of some TLC (Tender, Love & Care). Bring out all the possible colours and let your heart paint.

About this item:

•35 PAGES of calming, and satisfying single-sided colouring
•2 BONUS letters in the end to encourage writing love letters & gratitude practice
•EASY to Travel size at 8.5 x 11 paperback format. Perfect companion for road trips, plane rides, sleepovers, rainy days and days of silent meditative & prayerful conversations with god
•VARIETY of colouring pages which you can colour using whatever art materials you like – crayons, coloured pencils, gel pens, inks and most markers

Makes A Very Thoughtful Gift

If you’re looking a colouring book, this prayerful and beautiful colouring book will work miracles for you. It is a devotional, meditative and mess-free way to engage in arts for all ages. Get closer to God via this book and its messages that the art evokes.
Inside you will discover 34+ calming drawings and prayerful, devotional messages such as:

•God with children
•People overcoming life situations with faith
•Animals & God’s tender creations for mankind
•Angels, Divine messengers who show up in various ways in human life

It would make an ideal present, a token of love, support and inspiration for anyone who needs a little more faith or is seeking divine intervention in their lives. It is a perfect gift idea for Birthdays, Christmas, Occasions, Congratulations & more.

Inviting you to this growth filled meditative communion with GOD and all that is via the medium of this book.

I have heard “Prayer is when we speak to god and meditation is when god talks back to us” May it be so. May this book become as meditative, present, and experientially revealing life’s incredible mysteries for you as it is for me too. This work is not my doing, it is a happening and I share it with you. Thank you for picking this book, am truly grateful and honoured to share this time with you. Until we meet in person someday, am holding you in my loving prayers just like you are holding this book in your warm hands today. Enjoy the creations.

Author+Illustrator: Neha Lohia

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