Taiye Lambo

Taiye Lambo

I have 30 years of experience in the area of Information Technology across 4 continents; including 23 years of experience assisting various organizations globally to build robust, comprehensive, effective and sustainable information security programs through the integration of internationally accepted best practices.

I’ve held several Cybersecurity executive leadership roles in both government and commercial sectors globally.

I’m known as a thought leader, visionary, pioneer, serial entrepreneur and cyber security strategist, having founded CyberCops Europe, UK Honeynet Project, eFortresses, CloudeAssurance and the Holistic Information Security Practitioner Institute (HISPI).

I was inspired to write Attribution for 3 reasons:

Firstly, to bring awareness to global issues such as social injustice, Cybersecurity, family breakdown, and autism.

Secondly, as is obvious from my book title and subtitle – to highlight the enormous challenge of Attribution in Social and Cyber Spaces.

Thirdly, to inspire the younger generation to avoid the dark side of “Social and Cyber Spaces”, but instead to help us fill the dire skills shortage and diversity gap in Cybersecurity globally.