Louise Castaldi

Louise Castaldi

Louise Castaldi is an author who specializes in insecurity, anxiety, children psychology, and social science. In her work, Louise has helped parents to put an end to the negative aspects of anxiety in children and improve the lives of children and their parents that are positive, happy, and healthy. It is Louise’s life work to give parents the tools, techniques, and bits of advice they need to improve their relationship with their children.
One of the reasons that Louise started writing on this topic is because she saw children suffering from anxiety and insecurity in her life. Throughout the years, she went through a string of toxic and negative relationships with children that all well apart from anxiety.

Today it’s a little different story from her own story. She has overcome her difficulty as a parent of three kids of her own and now enjoying peace and satisfaction in her life. Now, she wants to pass her experience to her readers.

In all her books, she wants her readers to get lessons and tips through her own experience. Louise provides advice to Parents that they can apply these useful tips in their life to deal with problems. Professional psychologists and counselors who are specialized in kid’s anxiety strongly agree with her methods and techniques.

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