Amanda Palermo

Amanda Palermo

Amanda Palermo is an author who specializes in self-help

Her first book, “ Anxious in Love Say Goodbye to Anxiety in Relationships. If I Can do it, YOU Can Too!”, is a masterpiece that is based on personal experience. One of the reasons that Amanda started writing on this topic is because she herself suffered from anxiety and insecurity in her relationships. Throughout the years she went through a string of toxic and negative relationships that all fell apart from anxiety.

Today, it’s a different story for Amanda. She has overcome her anxiety problems and now enjoys a healthy and balanced relationship.

In her work, Amanda is passionate about encouraging holistic well-being and mental health. In this fast-paced and stressful modern society, writers like Amanda are vital change-makers as they create works that help people to cope with daily stress and live well.

Amanda is currently working on new projects that explore relationships, psychological issues, communication, mental health and practical techniques to improve self-esteem and positivity.

Health, love, and family are the cornerstones of Amanda’s writing.

On top of this, Amanda is also interested in discovering different ways to empower women and offer them inspiring ideas to improve all aspects of their lives.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys going to the cinema, dancing, and eating good food and wine with her close friends.